After Our First Rain…Back to the Redwoods


We had our first rain of the season a couple of days ago and I thought I would venture back into the Redwoods late in the afternoon.  These images were taken in an area adjacent to the Gualala River along the eastern side of Sea Ranch.  It’s a beautiful spot to hike, very peaceful and quiet.  The recent light rain probably didn’t make it through the dense canopy in many spots, but it added enough moisture to make for interesting photos.  There is a very primeval feel to this place, especially as one walks through the tall ferns.

In the first image, the light just caught and backlit the Pacific Dogwood behind the large redwood tree.  The next two images just show the light catching the deep red bark of the redwoods, slightly moistened by the previous day’s rain.  Of course the redwoods produce a lot of moisture every day just from morning and evening dew.  The last image of the arched trees was a 5-image HDR shot because there was too much light behind the trees.  All in all it was a wonderful afternoon.

Equipment: Nikon D3s,  Nikkor 24 -70 mm Lens

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