Starting to See Some Fall Color

It was a beautiful day yesterday, crisp and clear, so I took a quick drive out Annapolis Road a few miles east of Sea Ranch to see if I could find a hint of Fall color.  Sea Ranch is blessed with spectacular land and seascapes, but the predominance of evergreens tends to mute the presence of Fall and the color it brings elsewhere.  Having grown up in Long Island, and having spent a year or so in New England, I do miss the rich Fall colors that I grew up with.  But a few miles east of here and you’re in the middle of the Coast Range and the chance to pick up some of that old Fall color.  These shots were taken about 10 miles east of Sea Ranch near some fairly new vineyards.  The colors are just starting to show here, where in the Napa Valley and other wine country areas the vineyards are showing a little more color.

Vineyards are an issue here in the Gualala River Watershed because there is considerable pressure to convert forest lands to vineyards which could jeopardize the water quality in the Gualala River, which just happens to be our only source of drinking water.  But that’s a fight for another day.  For now I was just interested in catching a glimpse of Autumn on a beautiful October afternoon.  I’m sure I will have more Fall images over the next several weeks, but for now, I hope you enjoy my humble offerings.

Equipment:  NIkon D3s, Nikkor 24 – 70mm Lens

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