The Waves are Back!

The waves are back indeed.  Our first storm of any significance has been brewing offshore for a few days and the surf finally bore witness to such today.  The waves weren’t full-on-winter-storm huge, but they were big enough produce a small signal on one of our resident physicist’s home seismometer. He posted news of the event on our local ‘listserv’ as a warning about ‘sleeper’ waves, and it was off to the beach for me.  I couldn’t get the best perspective to shoot these, so I had to be content with shooting into the sun more than I would have liked. But in fact I like the effect of the sun glistening off the water, giving it that old “Victory at Sea” look (you older folks hopefully will remember that WWII documentary show). 

I will admit to being a ‘wave junkie’, so be warned that you will see many more wave shots as we get more storms.  Growing up in LI, NY I was an avid surfer, and as such, I dreamed often of surfing and living in California.  I got my chance in 1978 when Lockheed offered me a job in Carlsbad (San Diego County) at their Marine Research Center, and I’ve lived in California ever since.  I love waves, and while I’m not catching them any more with a surfboard, I can catch them with my camera…and only imagine. 

The images were taken at Black Point Beach here in Sea Ranch, a favorite spot for me because of the shape of the beach you can shoot down the long axis of the wave.  The bluffs over the waves in the first two images are about 35 – 40 feet high.  It’s quite a sight to see these waves explode on the cliff face below, and even more fun to capture it in my camera.  The last image is just one of those lucky happenstances of catching someone else capturing the moment, albeit in a more ‘analog’ fashion.  I hope he/she doesn’t mind my previewing their artwork. 

Equipment:  Nikon D3s, Nikkor 70-300 mm lens   

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