Farewell to Fall


I’ve always had a hard time letting go of things, and autumn is definitely one of those things.  Fall is probably my favorite of all the seasons, so I decided to make one more trip out Annapolis Road east of Sea Ranch to see just what remained, if anything, of fall color.  There wasn’t much, but there was something.  The first three images from the vineyards show that the grapevines still had the vestiges of autumn color, at least in the few remaining leaves that still clung to the vines.  The surrounding evergreens are now more prominent as a backdrop as the vineyard fields reveal the underlying grass now greening from the prior month’s rain. 

The next image shows the last of the maple leaves, withered but still hanging on.  The drops hanging on the branch next to the withered leaf are a remnant of the day’s dew supplied by the overhanging redwoods.   Even this late in the day, these evergreens continue to produce moisture, and do so pretty much throughout the day. 

The next two images show that some color still persists in the woods, especially along the riparian areas of the Gualala River and its tributaries.  Notice also that most of the leaves that remain are nearer the top of the trees, where more sun is available throughout the day, so they persist longer in the year.  But mostly, the bare and empty look of these trees is becoming more prevalent as fall gives way to winter.  The lingering color though is still a beautiful sight to behold. 

The last image was taken right around the corner from my house, and it’s a California wild rose that I have been watching transition into its fall hibernation.  I love the bright red rose hips and I wanted to wait until they were abundant enough for a hopefully interesting image.  I was surprised to see one more rose bloom still lingering into December.  Pretty amazing, I thought.  As for the rose hips themselves, the Native Americans used to make a tea from them for medicinal purposes. 

So, as fall moves into winter we bid farewell to all the beautiful colors, and I’m grateful to have made the effort to see it and capture it for posterity.  It makes it easier to leave fall behind and embrace the coming winter.  It too has a beauty all its own.  Stay tuned!

Equipment:  Nikon D3s, Nikkor 24-70mm Lens

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