A Foggy Afternoon at the Beach

I never get tired of the beach because it’s different every day.  Throw in a little fog, and it takes on an almost surreal atmosphere.  I’m still playing with my new 70-200mm lens, and because it compresses the field of view it also tends to ‘thicken’ up the fog.  It adds a new dynamic to post-processing which brings in a welcome new learning component to my photography. 

These images were taken at Walk-on Beach here in Sea Ranch in a late foggy afternoon.  I used a monopod to add stability to using this longer, heavier lens and it also served as a great walking stick.  Even during the hour or two I was shooting on the beach the fog changed dramatically in thickness.  The surf zone I was shooting across has many large tide pools and, consequently, the waves you can see in several images are breaking along the outer edge of these tide pools.  At low tide, you could walk out to where the waves are breaking, well almost anyway. 

In a couple of images (especially the last image) you can see what looks like small palm trees, but they are actually a type of seaweed called Sea Palm (Postelsia palmaeformis).  They’re about 1.5 feet tall and inhabit various substrates in the mid- to lower intertidal zone.  So although that wave crash in the last picture looks pretty dramatic against those “Palms”, those palms are really less than 2 feet tall.  Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty impressive wave crash.

I used a polarizing filter, as I usually do, but shooting into the sun as I did in some of these images greatly minimized the polarizing effect.  The effectiveness of a polarizer is greatest when you’re shooting at right angles to the sun.  But I liked the effect the fog gave to all these images and on my walk on a foggy afternoon.

 Equipment: Nikon D3s with Nikkor 70-200mm Lens

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