Salal Trail: From Woods to the Sea

The Salal Trail is a favorite among many Sea Ranchers as it takes you from the riparian forest along Salal Creek right out to the creek’s terminus at the ocean.  But before we get too far, let me at least point out that the creek and accompanying trail are named after the Salal plant (Gaultheria shallon), which is a low shrub in the Heath Family, and is related to our Manzanita and huckleberry, as well as the wintergreen of East Coast forests. 

I had heard that the waterfall is flowing and thought I’d go check it out.  The trail is rather narrow along the creek, and as you can see in the first few images there a few spots of rather low head room.  There are also several large decaying trees along the way that make for great photographic images, especially with all the moss catching the late afternoon light.

This was my first time on the trail and I was really elated to come upon the waterfall.  I could hear it long before I came across it, but it is really quite a scene the first time you see it nestled tightly among the redwoods and overgrown vines.  I took many, many shots of this and it was tough winnowing down just the few images I present here. I’m sure I’ll be back with my tripod and try to more fully capture its essence.  But I felt like this was a good start.

Moving further down the trail you eventually end in Salal Cove where the creek empties into the ocean.  I will return to this spot as well, as there are some great opportunities here under varying lighting conditions to capture some interesting shots. 

This was a challenging place to shoot, as you’re pretty close in and the light is tricky, but I guess if it was easy it wouldn’t be as much fun.  So I will certainly return to this little hidden gem of a spot, but for now I hope you enjoy my initial offering.


Equipment: Nikon D3s, Nikkor 24 – 70 mm lens

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  1. Bob Shaw says:


    Another set of great shots. I enjoyed the saturation and color ranges of the wooded areas but the last image, with it’s view towards the ocean was my favorite.


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