Sunset at Black Point… an Intimate Landscape

This sunset image from the bluff at Black Point here in Sea Ranch (CA) is what I would call an ‘Intimate landscape.’   I took the shot with a 24-70 mm lens at 24mm, so basically a wide angle shot.  My interest was in focusing on the almost iridescent Ice Plants in the foreground, and the old weathered fence.  This was a nice little scene, and I think the light of the setting sun really makes it pop.  The trick here was to get close and low to the ground with a wide angle lens, which enables you to capture the intimate scene in the foreground, while still providing the broader view of the ocean and setting sun in the distance.  The wind was really howling but it was worth the wait.  This is why I live here, or at least one of the reasons.  There are many others.

 Equipment: Nikon D3s, and a  Nikkor 24-70 mm lens with Lee ND Grad filters

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5 Responses to Sunset at Black Point… an Intimate Landscape

  1. Chris Wendt says:

    Wow! Powerful image, Phil.

    • Phil Wendt says:

      Thanks Chris. This one felt like a keeper early on, but I probably shot over 200 images that day. I feel like I’m getting a little better at capturing better images and spotting a good one in the RAW. I appreciate the feedback…it helps me grow.


  2. Bob Shaw says:

    Another great image. You got it all in this capture. The contrast between the flowers, the sea, and sunset; great use of the leading lines of the fence, directing the view toward the setting sun and then the light on the water leading back to the start. An excellent example of a composition that gets the viewer involved.

  3. Phil Wendt says:

    Thanks very much Bob, I appreciate your feedback as always. I liked this image from the get-go. I haven’t shot a sunset in a while and I almost forgot how beautiful the light can be in the golden hour. I kind of came across this little scene on the way to where I thought I wanted to shoot. I never made it there, maybe next time. I had been reading about the ‘intimate landscape’ idea, and this scene just seemed to fit the bill. Thanks again for your kind words.


  4. Chris Wendt says:

    Moving northward, up the coast, what is the next population center, and how far away is it?

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