Sunset at Black Point… an Intimate Landscape

This sunset image from the bluff at Black Point here in Sea Ranch (CA) is what I would call an ‘Intimate landscape.’   I took the shot with a 24-70 mm lens at 24mm, so basically a wide angle shot.  My interest was in focusing on the almost iridescent Ice Plants in the foreground, and the old weathered fence.  This was a nice little scene, and I think the light of the setting sun really makes it pop.  The trick here was to get close and low to the ground with a wide angle lens, which enables you to capture the intimate scene in the foreground, while still providing the broader view of the ocean and setting sun in the distance.  The wind was really howling but it was worth the wait.  This is why I live here, or at least one of the reasons.  There are many others.

 Equipment: Nikon D3s, and a  Nikkor 24-70 mm lens with Lee ND Grad filters

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