An Evening at Bihler Point

I love going down to the bluffs in the early evening.  On this occasion I decided to go down to Bihler Point, which is just north of Black Point in Sea Ranch.  You can actually see Bihler Point from the dining room of the Sea Ranch Lodge.  This Point is named after William Bihler, a German immigrant who, in 1849,  owned most of the area that is now Sea Ranch. 

In the first image, Bihler Cove lies at the north end of Bihler Point, and during the late 1880’s schooners would tie up in this cove and using a various methods, such as chutes, and ropes and pulleys, would load cargo from shore such as redwood, tan-bark, and posts for sale in San Francisco to the south. 

The next image is taken from Bihler point facing north looking up towards Black Point.  The remaining images are taken from the path back up to Sea Ranch Lodge and show the remnants of an old barn.  This barn is still in use today, used mostly for wedding receptions sponsored through the Lodge. 

It was a beautiful evening and it felt good to just take a stroll and imagine those historic times when schooners were lined up off Bihler’s Landing in the summer, waiting to be loaded with the bounty provided by this resource-rich area.

On a personal note, it was just one year ago since my first post here on my digital sandbox.  It’s been a gratifying journey so far, thanks in great part to my small, but dedicated, fan club (you know who you are).  I appreciate all the feedback and encouragement, and hope to continue evolving over the next year.  Thanks to all who shared their thoughts, especially my loving and patient wife Barbara, my brother Chris and my oldest friend, Bob Shaw.



Equipment:  Nikon D3s, Nikkor 17-35 mm 2.8 lens with a Format 1.2 ND Grad filter

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  1. Bob Shaw says:

    Another excellent post. More great shots! I enjoy the information you often post about your subjects. It makes the experience more complete when one knows a little more about what any why you chose to capture something in particular.

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