Walk-On Beach with the Pelicans

It was a windy afternoon and my friend Robert was hot take a walk on the beach with his camera.  So I thought an afternoon at Sea Ranch’s Walk-On Beach was just the thing.  I wasn’t expecting much in the way of great photo ops, but there’s always something going on at the beach. 

Walk-On Beach has some great rock formations, showing their honeycomb weathering patterns caused by wind and sea. The first image shows one of these mostly sandstone formations that seems to be balancing precariously on the rock below it. The bright day combined with the wind also made for some great ocean shots.  The second image shows the broad beach cove with the windy white-capped surf in the distance. 

The next three images show some of the many pelicans we came across on our journey.  I can’t remember seeing so many pelicans at one time.   These are just a few of the images I captured.  Murphy’s law would have it that when I could have used my 70-200 mm lens, I had my 24-70mm on the camera.  But I’m happy with the day’s catch.  Just another day in paradise, made even better by sharing it with a friend.


Equipment:  Nikon D3s, Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8 Lens

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  1. Chris Wendt says:

    Beautiful! The bigger lens would only have tempted you to shoot the pelicans RL-style. He just happens to be ‘doing’ pelicans now…among his most boring, but not quite as bad as his SF Giants stuff.

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