“On the Rocks”…..Again

Okay, one more time back to the rocks.  This area of Sea Ranch, Del Mar Point, is a little further north than where I shot the rock formations in my last post.  I’ve been in this general area before and even posted some shots from along the coast (Del Mar Cove), but I haven’t really focused along this particular spot before.  Actually, when I first got my latest camera, I came here after a rain and had a slight mishap with my footing (that’s photographer talk for ‘I slipped and nearly broke my neck’) and haven’t been back since.  But the sun was out, the rocks were dry, so I ventured back to this geological wonderland.  I’m also still experimenting with my newly discovered focus “Stacking” technique, and these rocks were a perfect subject.

These are mostly sandstone formations and I believe that some of the color variations have to do with age differences of the sandstone and differences in weathering.  As I research some of this further I’ll pass along whatever I find out about these striking color patterns.  The mixture of the honeycombed weathered rocks and the smooth pillow-like formations also provide a great contrast. 

Each of these images, as in my last post, is composed of multiple images (3 – 4) each taken at a different focal point in order to extend the range of focus within the final merged image.  This also required carrying my tripod around these rocks which proved to be no small feat, especially considering that my last encounter with this spot proved somewhat hurtful.   But it is a stunning place to visit and quite a challenge to photograph, and a great way to spend a sunny afternoon…on the rocks!


Equipment: Nikon D3s, Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8 lens, Tripod, and Photoshop CS5 for image editing.

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