Return to Salal Trail Waterfall

Last February I did a post on Sea Ranch’s Salal Trail with some preliminary shots of the waterfall along its creek.  I had promised to return there and see if I can get some better shots of the waterfall, so today I did just that.  This time I took my tripod and took a series of bracketed images for HDR (High Dynamic Range) image processing.   It was getting late in the day and the sun managed to bring in enough warm light to make for an interesting photo.  There was quite a good flow in the little Salal Creek which made the waterfall an excellent subject. 

This image is a composite of 5 images, and was shot at about 2.5 seconds at f22, with a Nikkor 24-70 mm 2.8 lens at 55 mm, and mounted on a tripod.  This is a very tight place to work, and after all the rains we’ve had, it was also a very slippery place to work as well.  But the remaining moisture also added a nice crispness to the image, so even crappy weather means good photo-ops for the persistent photographer.

The Salal Trail is a favorite among Sea Ranchers and for all those who manage to stumble across it.  I’ll keep coming back here as there are many good photo-ops along this short trail.  So get your Sea Ranch Trails Map out, find the trail, and get out there for a hike.  You’ll be glad you did, rain or shine, especially now that the waterfall is in full swing.


Equipment: Nikon D3s, Nikkor 24-70 mm f2.8 lens

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2 Responses to Return to Salal Trail Waterfall

  1. Chris Wendt says:

    This is the kind of hdr result that I like. Beautiful image enhanced by the hdr process, but not to the point where the hdr becomes the story. Beautiful place, beautifully shot, and perfectly processed and presented.

    Nice work, as usual, Phil!


    • Phil Wendt says:

      Thanks very much Chris. I too am not fond of the over-processed look of many HDR images, but I see why they persist…it’s easier to get that look than it is to tone it down and work for a more realistic looking image. This was a very ‘contrasty’ shot, and I didn’t like the images I got with an ND grad, so I just defaulted to HDR. And a little luck never hurts, but I think it was Jack Nicklaus who said “…the more I practice, the luckier I get.” Always good to hear your thoughts.

      Thanks agsain,

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