Waves with “Juice”

Black Point Storm Surf

 Storm Surf at Black Point

I’ve been down with the flu for the past few weeks and have been unable to get out with my camera.  So I decided to go back into my unprocessed archives and work on some old wave pics.  For some reason I thought that I posted these images a while ago, but not so.  The first 4 images were all taken in January of 2010 after a huge storm had passed through the north coast.  The last image I threw in for comparison, and was taken in June of 2010.  All these shots were taken with a Nikkor 70-300 mm lens, and were shot from the south end of Black Point Beach shooting northward along the long axis of the wave. 

The lone wave shot from June is a very nicely formed curl, a wave any surfer would enjoy.  The post-storm waves, while somewhat nicely formed, are huge by comparison and pretty much totally ‘closed out.’  This means they break all the way across at once, rather than peeling off in one direction which would allow a surfer to ride the wave across its face.  These storm waves are heavy hitters, as can be seen in the thickness at the crest.  They have serious ‘juice’, and while fun to watch, surfing would not really be a viable option.  The summer wave doesn’t have the same energy as the thicker, storm-produced waves, and is almost transparent as evidenced by the amount of light passing through it.  I love shooting these storm waves (with my camera), and just sitting on the bluff you can feel the power  as you watch this all play out.

It was fun to go back and find these images.  I haven’t seen a storm here that big since this one.  But the winter’s not over yet.  Anything can happen, and I hope to be ready for the next one.  I only have so many unprocessed images.



Equipment:  Nikon D3s, Nikon D300 (June shot); Nikkon 70-300 mm Lens

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