Aging In Place: Back to the Old Homestead

Old Jacket on a Nail

Back in February I posted a piece on an old house down near Salt Point and it’s “Aging in Place.”   I wanted to return there ever since I set foot in it, especially after some comments I got from my old friend Bob.  And while I’m sure I’ll go back a few more times, I wanted to post this image of a subject I shot last time.  There is something captivating about how this old decrepit jacket was just left hanging there on a nail, like it had been there since the place was abandoned decades ago.  It’s as if the whole place just decayed around it, and while it still hangs there, the jacket’s fabric has all but fallen apart. Bob suggested that I might even try a mixed grey scale and color image to bring out the texture and visual quality of the jacket.   This final image appeals to me as it caught what I felt when I first saw this scene.  

I shot this image in natural light in a fairly confined space.  My 24-70mm wide angle (at 26 mm) lens was a perfect lens to capture this scene considering the small room in which I was shooting.  A good part of the floor was missing and there was considerable debris to work around.  A tripod was a must. 

So I hope you enjoyed this little trip back in time.  Make up your own story, as none was supplied along with the jacket hanging on the nail.  I hope my image helps you imagine one.


Equipment: Nikon D3s; Nikkor 24-70 mm f2.8 lens and tripod.

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  1. Chris Wendt says:

    High interest. To me this bespeaks failure of some small enterprise that was probably much bigger (more significant) in the perspective of the person involved than it would ever be to the general public. The poor bastard may once have had two teammates who apparently abandoned the undertaking before it failed outright, leaving him to ponder this failure, alone at the edge of his own world.

    I would like to think the man eventually came to his senses and regained a healthy perspective on his life and future, re-set the tilt of his cap, and walked away humbled, slightly, but renewed at a deeper level. Fuck the jacket, I got something I have to do, and someplace else I need to be…now!

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