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Spring is continuing its surge here along the coast and with it comes the wind.  Luckily the forests provide a calm alternative for hiking on these blustery days.  When we first moved here full time many of the locals would tell us that “…the wind is the weather here.”  While this may be true you just can’t let it control your relationship with the outdoors.  So I had heard from a friend (thank you Steve) about some nice “trails” (logging roads, actually) along the South Fork of the Gualala River so off I went.

The forest is very ‘busy’ visually and on this trip I was trying to focus on the more intimate scenes within a scene, so to speak.  My wide telephoto (24-70mm) lens gives me great flexibility in what I can shoot on hikes like this.  I also brought my tripod along as I usually do on my forest sojourns.  The first little scene is a small grouping of horsetail and Irises which were nicely lit through the tall trees.  As I was packing up from photographing this scene I noticed the light catching a small swatch of tall grass in a meadow of new irises, as shown in the subsequent image.  Even the mundane grasses can shine in the right light.

Horsetail and Irises 002_D342145shrp1000crop


The following two images capture various ferns and other low growing natives.  The first image shows various ferns and spent Trillium surrounded by an Oxalis (looks like clover) ground cover.  This all looks to be fresh new growth; something that makes you want to lie down in it and take a nap; very inviting.  The next image is a Lady Fern backlit against the late afternoon sun.  Who says there isn’t art in Nature.




The last two images expand on this backlighting theme.  The first image shows some white alder leaves, while the last image captures a group of rather large Thimbleberry leaves.   Maybe Barbara can use these images for some quilt designs; her art quilts have certainly made me more aware of these kinds of shapes and images.



 So let it blow I say; I’m here for the duration.  I hope you enjoyed my intimate journey along the Gualala.


Equipment: Nikon D3s; Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 lens and Oben Tripod

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