Sunset at Salal Cove, Sea Ranch

A few days ago I decided to shoot some sunset images and wanted to return to Salal Cove here on Sea Ranch.  I’ve posted some images before about the Salal Trail and how Salal Creek empties into the ocean at Salal Cove.  During this time of year the creek is pretty dry and the cove consists of a small pond separated from the ocean by a thin strand of beach.  It’s also a good time of year for where the sun sets in relation to the cove, so off I went to see what I might find.

The images below were taken with my 24-70mm lens, the first at 50mm and the second image at 24mm.  The warm light of sunset and the still pond reflection highlighted the sandstone lining the cove. In the second image I was just lucky to pick up a runner out for an evening jog along the beach before the day’s end.  I like how it added a sense of scale to the image.  Using at least a monopod is a must for this kind of low light; a tripod even better.  They don’t call this the “Golden Hour” for nothing.

Salal Cove at Sea Ranch CA

Salal Cove at Sunset

Equipment:  Nikon D3s; Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 lens; monopod.

NOTE:  I also used a very slick little app on my iPhone called LightTrac, which calculates the angle of the sun at any time of day at any location and date.  The app overlays the angle over the map location so you can plan you next outing.  Because I know the area I was shooting, I could overlay the angle directly over where I was going to shoot and knew where the sun would be, and how high above the horizon.  Very cool, and very easy to use.

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