In and Out of the Fog

Walk On Beach, Sea Ranch CA Low Tide at Walk On Beach Fog Rolling In at Walk On Beach

 I love the weather here on the north coast.  Some days it’s clear and crisp and some are foggy and rainy; and sometimes you get all that in a one-hour walk on the beach.  I was checking out the tide pools at Walk-On Beach a couple of days ago and captured these images along the way.  The weather started out quite clear but you could see the marine layer out along the horizon.  The tide was low and I got these first three images of a small flock of seagulls hanging out in the wet sand.  If you look closely in the second image you can also see two people in the distance on a walk of their own.  The gulls were pretty much with me during my entire walk, moving slightly as I passed them by, but quickly returning to their business of hanging out.  I can totally relate; they must be retired.  

Foggy Sea Ranch Day Gulls and Fog

As I started to return the fog moved in quickly and I captured these next two images of my now favorite flock of gulls, this time in the soupy fog.  The temperature dropped about 10 degrees but I still love walking the beach in the fog.  There was still enough light to make the gulls stand out as they faced the setting sun.

Tide Pools at Walk On Beach

By the time I shot the last image the fog had lifted enough to capture this nice little setting of rocks amid the tide pools.  You can see green algae covering the top of the large rock on the left.  In a few hours this rock will be under water and I’ll be home next to a nice warm fire.

As you can tell I never tire of walking the beach, and I never seem to run out of subjects to shoot (or maybe I really have and no one has had the nerve to tell me.)   Oh well, I’ll keep shooting anyway, but feel free to tell me to try something else. 

Oh, and a big fat Happy Birthday to my brother Chris.


Equipment:  Nikon D3s; Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 lens, monopod

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