Still Playing at the Beach

Okay, I never really stopped playing at the beach. Over the last few days I went back to Del Mar Point and Walk-On Beach here in Sea Ranch to continue working out with my 14-24mm lens. We’ve had some beautiful weather here and the surf has been pretty rough due to some offshore storm activity…always a good time to head to the beach (as if I needed an excuse.)

Del Mar Point with old anchor in rock

Del Mar Point with big surf The first two images were taken at Del Mar Point, and the first one speaks to a bit of history here. I wanted to take this shot as it’s also a very historic time here because it’s the 50th Anniversary of Sea Ranch. It’s amazing the think that 50 years ago someone had the bright idea to build an environmentally aware community whose mantra was, and still is, to live lightly on the land.  And here we are still caring for these meadows and trails, forests and beaches. That being said, however, the first image harkens back to at least another 50 -60 years before Sea Ranch was even a glimmer in Larry Halprin’s eye. The large rusted anchor bolt in the rock face was used over a hundred years ago as an anchor from which long cables ran out to the ocean where waiting schooners would be loaded with bundles of redwood shingles. The schooners would then transport the cargo to San Francisco for sale or to be shipped elsewhere. If you look closely at the image you can also see what appears to be patterns cut into the top of rock from the cable as it swayed back and forth and cut into the rock’s surface. The second image is also from Del Mar Point and clearly shows some rough surf hitting the bluffs. About two images after this I got a little too close to the action and got hammered by a wave breaking over the top of the rocks. Such is life.   Walk-On Beach tidal flats Walk-On Beach tidal canals Spring Time at Walk-on Beach The last three images were taken at Walk-On Beach; the tide was out and I got a chance to hike along the tidal flats and get some nice images of the tidal canals and the interesting patterns they form. In a few hours, all this will be under a few feet of ocean. The last image was taken from the bluff and captured an early ice-plant bloom. And yes, it really is that color. These little intimate landscapes are a fascination for me, and this lens really helps to bring in the foreground and a distant background with good clarity. So, a little history, a little beach, and a little springtime all in one; I hope you enjoyed this little collage.

Equipment: Nikon D3s; Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 lens.

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