The Bone Yard: A Driftwood Extravaganza

There is an area of Walk On Beach here in Sea Ranch where driftwood, large and small, accumulates with each major storm. When we first visited this beach years ago we were taken by the size and expanse of the driftwood pile that seemed to have been pushed into a seasonal drainage from the adjoining meadowland.  We called it “The Bone Yard”, because that’s exactly how it struck us.  It’s a fun place to hike around as you can find all manner of rather artfully weathered driftwood logs and stumps.  So I thought I would try to capture the essence of this place in photographs in hopes of sharing the experience of just hanging out here for an afternoon.

Bone Yard Entrance from the Beach

The Pile at the Bone Yard

Walk On Beach and the Bone Yard
The first three images (above) show the whole of the place where the giant logs are strewn about and also how they seem to converge up the small drainage area of the meadow . It takes a very large storm to move these logs this far up beyond the normal high tide line.  There also must be some unique circulation patterns just off shore here that seem to concentrate and push the flotsam into this beach.  I generally didn’t see such large chunks of driftwood along the south shore of Long Island where I grew up, so it’s always a treat for me to visit this beach.

Walk On Beach DriftwoodMore Driftwood from the Bone YardBurl Stump DriftwoodBurl Stump Close-upPeek-a-booAnother Denizen of the Bone YardDriftwood as Art
The remaining images speak for themselves, and represent just a small smattering of the local denizens of the Bone Yard.  I especially like the root burls and how the weathering seems to really enhance the swirling grain patterns in the root mass. These logs move around from year to year, storm to storm, so each year brings new members to the Bone Yard. And as it does I’ll be there to add to our collection of Bone Yard inhabitants.

Equipment: Nikon D3s, Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 lens; monopod

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