A Foggy Day near Fort Ross

Yesterday Barbara had a small group of friends from her Italian group over to the house for one of their regular gatherings.  I sometimes hang around, at least long enough to act as Barista making lattes and espressos, but I decided instead to head out with my camera. The day was pretty foggy so I thought I’d head south toward Fort Ross and see what trouble I could get into.

Highway 1 near Fort Ross

Pasture Land near Fort Ross

Rolling Hills near Fort Ross

The first three images show the area along Highway 1 near Fort Ross and the greening up of the pastures after all the rain we’ve had here on the coast.  Actually this particular area can be hazardous to drive at night because this also happens to be a ‘free range’ area where the local cow population gets to roam freely, including in the middle of Highway 1 (no fences).  For some reason, only the all-black cows seem to delight in standing in the middle of the road at night.  And if you hit one, you bought it!

Fog Moving up the Canyons east of Fort Ross

Redwoods in the Fog

Looking down the foggy canyon near Fort Ross

Anyway, later in the afternoon I headed east from Fort Ross and tried to follow the fog up the coastal canyons.  The next three images show various coastal evergreens being enveloped in fog.  Actually, condensate from this fog is also a major source of water for these trees. I also thought it was a nice Christmas theme to show all these Christmas trees in their natural and preferred setting.

In the woods near Fort Ross

Very Quiet Mood

The next two images were taken along the wooded drive east from Highway 1.  I often speak of how photography is all about light, and here you can see how the fog affects the lighting to create a quiet mood.  There wasn’t a soul within miles of me, or at least that’s how it felt standing in the midst of this piece of paradise. (And, there probably wasn’t a soul within miles of me.)

Looking South down Highway 1 near Fort Ross

The final image is a look back down Highway 1 where I spent the day.  I am truly blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world. I hope you enjoyed my little trip into the fog.


Equipment: Nikon D3s. Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 lens, monopod

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