Winter Along the Gualala


Late Afternoon along the Gualala River

White Alder trees near the Gualala River

Dense riparian growth along the Gualala River

Riparian growth along the Gualala River

White Alder

Along the Banks of the Gualala River

Dense growth along the Gualala River

Winter Along the Gualala River

Gualala River in the background

Dense Stands of White Alder on the Gualala River banks

The New Year brought some beautiful bright days here along the north coast and I was lucky enough to be able to get out and capture some nice warm afternoon light.  I headed east toward the Gualala River near the Twin Bridges (Between Annapolis and The Sea Ranch.)  In fact most of the images were shot from the bridge itself or near it.

The winter here is not like the winters where I grew up in Long Island. Fall tends to linger into the winter months here so some leaves remain on the trees late into the year.  Most of the trees in these images are the riparian White Alder, as identified by their whitish birch-like bark.

It was about four PM and the sun had almost ducked down behind the ridge to the west so the lighting was a little tricky.  But a light misty fog was developing which added a nice aura to some of the images.  Even in the starkness of winter some color still remains and the late afternoon light really helps to bring it out even more.

The Gualala River watershed is the life’s blood of this community and is under continued threat of upstream development.  It also is a wonderful place to just go and enjoy its beauty, even in the throes of winter.


Equipment: Nikon D3s, Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8 lens, monopod. I should also note that many of these images were shot at 6400 ISO due to the low light conditions, and none were shot below 1600 ISO. If you ever wonder why I chose this camera…this is one of the reasons.

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