A Visit to the Sag Ponds

Corn Lilies at the Sag Ponds


Its Memorial Day Weekend here at Sea Ranch and the tourists abound.  Of course, more than about three people on the bluff trail at any one time seem like a crowd.  So with the combination of high winds and tourists on the bluff trail, I decided to head to the woods.

There are several areas in the forests of Sea Ranch where sag ponds are accessible.  Basically these bog-like ponds are remnants of geologic activity along the San Andreas Fault.  Over the millennia movement along the axis of the fault creates these deep “scars” in the landscape which capture rainfall and remain wet most of the year.  The wet soils are a perfect environment for corn lilies, shown in the first image.  These lilies bloom in the winter with small clusters of white flowers, but in the summer only the tell-tale green corn-like leaves appear.  This plant, while common around here, appears virtually nowhere else.  What a treat for us!

In the last image I show a fairly common Clintonia which just seemed to ask to be photographed as a nice single specimen.

One of the nice things about the solitude and quiet of a walk in the forest is the ability to search your mind a little more deeply about the moment you’re in.  It made me realize that the reason for all the tourists is in fact Memorial Day…a day in which we give homage to our fallen soldiers who gave their lives in defense of our freedom to enjoy such moments as a walk in the woods.  So it is to them, our brothers and sisters in arms who gave the ultimate sacrifice that I dedicate my humble offering today.

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