Cormorants and More!

I’ve been a bit busy in the shop these days so it’s taken me a while to get back to my blog.  Back in the end of May I took an afternoon to scout out some cormorants during their nesting season.  Specifically, these are Pelagic Cormorants, and they build their nests precariously on the rugged cliff faces along the coast.  The first image shows a nesting pair.  Their nests are usually easy to spot as there is usually a rather large swath of guano coating the rocks below the nest (locals call it “white washing”…really?)

Nesting Pair of Pelagic Cormorants

I subsequently headed down to the intertidal zone to see what else I could see and shot some nice images of mussel beds being showered with the incoming tide.  I also spotted this black oyster catcher feeding among the mussel beds.  And before we leave the mussel beds I thought I’d share this image of an incoming tidal surge heading into shore.

Mussel Beds

Black Oystercatcher

Tidal Surge

Lastly, just a couple of final images of meadow grasses (bunny tails) and a rather interesting prehistoric looking sandstone formation on the edge of the bluff.  It was a fun afternoon as I went through several different environments within a very small area.  I just never know what I’ll find which makes the journey that much more interesting.

Bunny Tails

Prehistoric? Rock Formation

Equipment:  Nikon D3s; Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 lens with a Nikkor 2X telextender; monopod.

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