An Autumn Afternoon at the Beach

We had our first light rain the other night and our first sense that fall has finally arrived here on the north coast.  I spent a nice late afternoon at Walk-On Beach here at Sea Ranch, watching the heavy surf pound against the rocks.  Watching the churning surf made me think that some extended exposures would provide an interesting mood from this scene.  So I used my 10-stop ND filter and used a 25-second exposure to tame that powerful surf and create the sultry scene I had in my mind’s eye.  The air was cold, the wind was up and fall was definitely in the air.  These images show what I felt as I slowly filled all my senses with the sights, sounds and smells of a beautiful fall afternoon along the Sonoma coast.  I’ve photographed here many times and each time is like I’m experiencing it for the very first time.  Not bad for just another day at the beach.

Walk-On Beach rocks Autumn Afternoon at Walk-On Beach Walk-On Beach looking south Smoky Surf at Walk-On Beach


Equipment: Nikon D810, Nikkor f2.8 24-70mm lens, Oben tripod, Kirk Ball head.

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4 Responses to An Autumn Afternoon at the Beach

  1. Nancy Carroll says:

    Beautiful Phil! Wish we could have been there too. Love the movement and light effects with this exposure.

  2. I admire your work, especially when you use the natural colors. The black and white seems so
    forbidding to me that I want to move on. I have never been to the Sonoma area and that is why
    I just want to know the real colors. It must be incredible to see these scenes on a daily basis.

    • PGWendt says:

      Hello Phyllis, thanks so much for your interest in my photography. I understand perfectly that B&W is not necessarily your cup of tea. My wife prefers my color images as well. Monochrome gives me a different challenge in creating something more abstract, something beyond just what I saw. I enjoy the challenge to create a mood, even one that’s forbidding. The fact that you took the time to respond is informative, and I appreciate your comments.

      Thanks again,


  3. Bud Jozwiak says:

    Great pictures. I need to come out and visit you so I can see for myself.

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