Autumn along the Gualala

Fall is settling in here along the north coast and I always enjoy going down to the Gualala River in the late afternoon this time of year.  There is a rather thick stand of white alders at the junction of the South Fork and the Wheatfield Forks of the Gualala River (we call it the “Twin Bridges” area.)  I enjoy photographing these trees especially late in the day as the sun is low in the sky.

White Alders along the Gualala River

White Alders

The first two images are taken from deep in the woods and I chose B&W because the color range was pretty narrow and the texture of the bark stands out more in shades of grey.

Riparian Growth along the Gualala

The last image was taken slightly down stream and it obviously had a much broader range of fall colors than in the stand of alders.  The river was not really flowing so the reflection of the trees in the still water was a nice bonus.  We had some rain last night and the place from where I stood to take this picture is now under water.  As always, this was a great way to spend a late afternoon, and yes we do get some fall color here.


Equipment: Nikon D810; Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 lens; B&W 6-stop ND filter; Oben Tripod

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