December Fog

Redwood Forest along Timber Ridge _8101390shrp1400BW _8101387shrp1400BW

We’ve been having some stormy weather here at Sea Ranch and between the storms we’ve had a bit of fog push in to the ridge top.  I first headed up into the redwoods here along Timber Ridge and found the forest enveloped in a shroud of hazy fog in the late afternoon.   The first three images capture that deep forest feeling and the overall stillness I felt as I stood in the midst of this almost primeval forest.  You could actually hear the dew drops falling from the trees it was so quiet and still.

_8101400shrp1400a _8101432shrp1400W

The last two images were taken a little later on in the day down at the Monterey Cypress hedgerow along Black Point Reach.  I really couldn’t decide which of these images I liked better so I decided that I didn’t have to decide.  These hedgerows are an iconic piece of the Sea Ranch “Experience” and hearken back to the days of sheep ranching throughout these coastal meadows.  They were planted as a wind break.

The most compelling part of these images for me is that I was able to capture them all within about an hour or two without going more than a few miles from my house.  The north coast is a pretty magical place with all it diverse environments all within a short walk.  Life is good!


Equipment: Nikon D810; Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 lens; Oben tripod, Kirk Ball Head

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2 Responses to December Fog

  1. Chris Wendt says:

    Nice work, Phil. But you left an open decision on the table, so to speak. Between #4 & #5 I think #4 takes the prize, as it does for the entire group. More compelling and interesting, and #5 has a bit of extra clutter center stage which distracts from the beauty of the cypresses.

    Of the first group, #3 gets my vote…easier to see the forest for the trees, draws you in better than the two companion images, which (due to their higher contrast) seem imposing, meaning, impenetrable, by comparison to #3, which I feel to be more inviting (into the scene)..

    Yeah, I could hear the dewfall!


    • Hi Chris…excellent comments, and I agree. Sometimes when you’re in the middle of the trees it’s harder to see the overall image. I always appreciate your critical eye.

      Thanks again…


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