Return to Old Salt Point Homestead

Salt Point Barn Old Shack at Salt Point Old Homestead at Salt point

A few years ago I posted a short story about an old dilapidated homestead in Salt Point State Park.  I thought I would revisit this place as its aging structures continue to be overtaken by time and their surroundings.  The first structure was an old barn, and as you can see from the sagging roof this old building is being consumed from the inside.  The second little building is a tiny shack whose original purpose is unknown to me.  As you can see this shake-roofed little shack is being overtaken by its natural surroundings.  The last image is what’s left of an old home that has been beaten down over the decades by wind and rain and time.  The leaning chimney, already separated from what’s left of the main house, is all that’s recognizable amidst the rubble surrounding it.

There is something captivating, at least to me, about these old buildings in that I just can’t help from imagining what life must have been like here in its’ heyday.  What dreams and aspirations have came and gone for the inhabitants of this place who left these dwellings to the elements and to time to fend for themselves.


Equipment:  Nikon D810; Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 lens, Oben tripod

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3 Responses to Return to Old Salt Point Homestead

  1. Chris says:

    Really classic pics! I agree that black and white was the only way to do it!!

  2. Nancy Carroll says:

    I always feel sad looking at these places that were once loved and thriving and now are abandoned and dilapidated. I try and remember that now they inhabit many creatures and thrive in a different way. Black and wHite always add to the mood. Love the last one the best!

  3. Chris Wendt says:

    Great retrospective. I love the sky in #2. Could you send me the jpg of that one, Phil?

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