Some Spring Color Along Black Point Bluff

Spring at Black Point Poppies and Daisies along Black Point April At Black Point

I shot these images back in April when the profusion of ice plant and poppies and many other plants were first coming into their own.   I always hesitate a little bit when it comes to showcasing invasive species like ice plant, but beauty is where you find it.  The power of these colors is difficult to ignore and art makes no judgement about its subject.   So I post these images here for the shear beauty and joy they bring to the beholder.  I hope you find them as compelling as I do.  ENJOY!


Equipment:  Nikon D810; Nikkor 14-24mm, f2.8 lens; Oben tripod.

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3 Responses to Some Spring Color Along Black Point Bluff

  1. Chris says:

    Outstanding Pics! My evening was spiraling downward as I thought I left my cell phone in the yellow cab. Found it after tearing everything out of a bag. The laptop when turned on said that it was shutting down. Solved it, and sat down with the cell only to see pure beauty. Thanks for the centering and joy. Chris

  2. Nancy Carroll says:

    Hi Phil! I LOVE these! The way the flowers frame the ocean is perfect. The colors are so vivid. In regards to the non-native issue, that ice plant helps hold up and protect the cliffs so I don’t think you can feel too bad about that. So glad you took advantage of the gift of color.

  3. The pictures are gorgeous and lift my spirit. What vivid colors! Thanks for the scenic beauty!

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