The Barns at Bihler Point: Coming out of the Mist

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Large barn at Bihler Point Small Structure at Bihler Point Mist Clearing over barn at Bihler Point

A few days ago we had a nice fog envelope the coast which is always a good time to head out with my camera.  I decided to check out the barns at Bihler Point near the Sea Ranch Lodge.   As I arrived the mist was lifting a little but framed the old structures quite nicely.  These old buildings, kept intact near the Lodge, were built at a time when this area was used by rum runners to offload their contraband from boats anchored off Bihler Point and store their cache for later delivery.  The meadows have long since tried to take over the smaller building but it still is holding its own against the ravages of time.  The larger barn has been restored and is still used by the Lodge to host wedding receptions.  In any event, these old barns are a favorite of mine especially when a little fog or mist comes along to add to the mood that these old structures add to the environment of this coastal meadow.  Their beauty may be obscured by the ravages of time, but they still stand as a tribute to their builders and remain for our enjoyment.


Equipment:  Nikon D810; Nikkor 24-70 mm f2.8 lens; Oben Tripod.


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