Black Point on a Lazy Spring Afternoon

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Yesterday the weather was kind of in and out foggy and misty with a little spotty sun here and there.  I decided to head out to the very end of Black Point as I know there are some nice rock formations that might look interesting against a grey sky.   It’s a bit of a hike all the way out to the end, especially carrying my camera and tripod, but worth the trip.  There’s an island at the end of the point that is separated from the mainland by a narrow, but impassable channel.   So there are usually lots of birds hanging out there essentially because they aren’t bothered by any land predators or nosy photographers.   I used a10-stop ND grad filter for extended (14-30 sec) exposures for all the black and white images.  The last and color image I just used a polarizer and shot at normal shutter speed.

Black Point Outer Island

Bihler Point Black Point Island in the clouds Bihler Point cove

The black and white images show the diverse landscape around the Point.  It’s also hard to believe that hundreds of years ago Schooners would routinely brave these waters to transfer cargo between the shore and the sea.  If you hike around Black Point and the neighboring Bihler Point to the south, you’ll undoubtedly find rusty remnants of old iron cleats used to anchor the transfer cables between ship and shore.  But today, we just get to enjoy a very peaceful and calm afternoon watching the many gulls, cormorants and herons go about their own lazy day.   See how many gulls you can count on the island; and those are just the ones who managed to stay still enough to be photographed.  They were constantly coming and going on and off the island.

Black Point outer island in color

The last image shows the garden-like nature of the outer island in all its natural color.  This was a perfect time of year to come upon it.  This place is truly a paradise…at least it is to me.  Thanks for sharing a lazy afternoon with me.



Equipment: Nikon D810; Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8mm lens; Oben Tripod, Kirk Ball head; and  B&W10 stop filter.

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