Walk On Beach on a Sunny Afternoon

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North End of Walk On Beach Barnacles at Walk On Beach Low Tide at Walk On Beach Surf on the outer reef at Walk On Beach

It’s been a little while since I hiked along the sands of Walk-On Beach here at Sea Ranch.   The tide was low enough that I could approach some of the intertidal rock formations and include them, and their many residents, in my images.   I also haven’t used my ultra-wide angle lens in a while and I like the perspective it gives in bringing in the foreground into the broader scene.  Getting the camera and tripod setup close enough to the foreground rocks is always a little tricky without getting wet from incoming waves.  As usual, I was unsuccessful at staying dry, but I did manage to keep the camera dry.

Prevalent in the foreground rock outcrops are the ever-present barnacle clusters and many small sea anemones.  It was late in the afternoon and the day was perfect for walk along the beach.  I chose B&W because, well I like it as an art form, but also because the day was gray enough where the colors were bit too muted for my liking.   So thanks for sharing my stroll along Walk-On Beach.  I hope you enjoyed this peak into an ordinary day at the beach here along the Sonoma Coast.


Equipment: Nikon D810: Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 lens; Oben Tripod; Kirk ball head.

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