Out of the Fog

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Looking South Towards Salt Point State Park Small abandoned Outbuilding near Salt Point State Park Looking North towards Stewart's Point

The area south of Sea Ranch between Stewarts Point and Salt Point State Park is privately owned and mostly used as rangeland for cattle or sheep.  I took the 15-minute drive down there a few days ago as fog was settling in along the coast.  I managed to photograph a few of these spots just as the fog was lifting and the sun was breaking through.   These images show the wide open nature of this area as well as some of the old remnant outbuildings that still remain as part of the history of this area.  Before it’s development in the 1960’s, Sea Ranch probably looked very similar to this area, as it was primarily used for sheep grazing.  It’s nice to see that this land still reflects the old historic uses prevalent in this area many decades ago.

Equipment: Nikon D810;  Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8lens; Oben Tripod

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