Into the Fog

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Fog enveloping the rocks in Arch Rock Cove Arch Rock in the Fog House on Galleon's Point Hikers enjoying Arch Rock Cove

We had a short heat wave hit the north coast a couple of days ago.  It also thickened the marine layer resulting in some dense fog along our coast here at Sea Ranch.  I went down to Arch Rock Cove just down the road from our house, and the fog had nicely enveloped the huge rock formations within the cove.  The fog was dense but the marine layer that brought it in was probably less than 200 – 300 feet thick, so the sun shone through and brightened the images pretty strongly.

The first two images show the main rock formations in this cove, including the large Arch Rock formation in the second image.  And yes, these are all color images, but as you can see, the fog mutes the color quite a bit.

The third image is a home on the tip Galleons Point.  I’ve shot this home from many vantage points over the years and on this day I thought it made for an interesting study in contrast and lines.  The last image shows the cove again but by this time the fog was starting to break up a little bit, and a couple of hikers were also enjoying the view.

The fog is a great mood creator, and I also like to think of it as the cheapest filter a photographer can use.


Equipment:  Nikon D810; Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 lens; Oben Tripod

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