Cypress Cathedrals

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Cypress Cathedral Cypress Hedgerow Monterey Cypress

On occasion I like to visit some of the many Monterey Cypress hedgerows here at Sea Ranch.   It was one of those quiet late afternoons and I headed out to one of my favorites near Del Mar Point.

I called this post “Cypress Cathedrals” because, especially the first image, they remind me of an old Gothic style cathedral in how the trees seem to arch together towards the top.  But mostly, I was struck by the utter quiet and peacefulness that seemed to enshroud the space below the canopy.  I could hear individual needles fall to the ground.  It was certainty one of those magical moments that seemed to transcend my original purpose of photographing a mere line of trees.  The light seemed perfect and the trail between the trees just seem to light up as if to point the way.  The sky was a bit grey and the colors were muted but that too is often the atmosphere of the great cathedrals in the middle of the day.  I was grateful to have been aware enough to notice something beyond my camera’s focus, and to be able to take in the silence and the sense of “Place.”

Equipment:  Nikon D810; Nikkor 24-70 mm f2.8 lens; Oben Tripod with Kirk head

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2 Responses to Cypress Cathedrals

  1. Nancy Carroll says:

    Hi Phil! One of our favorite places on the Ranch. These remind me of the picture in your front room. Looking for those adorable bears to peak out. The trees have such a ‘presence’ as do our in our own backyard. The smells and sounds definitely seem to be magnified and taking the time to honor them is a gift we share. Great job capturing that gift.

    • Thanks, Nancy. It was certainly a wonderful afternoon, AND I managed to capture some nice images as well. It’s always a little magical to walk through these hedgerows. I knew you would appreciate these images.

      Still recovering from last night. Glad we live here.


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