Impressions along the Gualala River

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Several weeks ago, I posted a photo essay of landscape abstracts where I used camera motion as an artifact in creating rather impressionistic images.  Well, I’m back at it again, and this time I focused on the Gualala River and its riparian corridor.  Currently the Gualala River is a river somewhat under siege by various entities wishing to extract timber from the river’s floodplain.   I’ve presented many images of the Gualala over the years in the hopes of focusing greater attention to its beauty and its plight.  This river is not only the life’s blood of our community here at Sea Ranch (it’s our only source of drinking water), but countless threatened and endangered species also call it home.

These images were all taken in or around the Gualala River a couple of days ago, mostly near the “Hot Spot”.  What I like about these more abstract images is that they seem to catch the essence of a subject; its color, texture, brightness, and to some extent its delicateness.   I hope you enjoy these impressions, and I also hope you’ll think a little about the River as a giver of life, and its very delicate nature.


Equipment: Nikon D810; Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 lens

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5 Responses to Impressions along the Gualala River

  1. Chris says:

    So, you are saying your drinking water is more important than the logging interests? I understand there is extra drinking water available from Flint!
    Well, at least you are a very creative photographer!

    • Thanks, Chris. You’re one of my most dedicated fans, and I always appreciate the feedback. Hope al is well with you after 11/9. (A day that will live in infamy!, someone said once a long time ago. God help us all!!


  2. Nancy Carroll says:

    Hi Phi. My favorites are the first one, the Gualala River, second is the first Redwoods one but my FAVORITE is the ferns and oxalis. The colors are fabulous and of course, I love the abstract watercolor quality they all have. Looks like you have opened up a whole new avenue for your photography. Such fun!

  3. Chris Wendt says:

    Sue and I looked at these together. We both like Redwoods along the banks of the Gualala a lot. I also like Ferns and Oxalis. I got a good vibe from the three Alders shots, but possibly not what your were going for; to me they looked like good impressions of foul weather (rain or sleet). The others, not so much, but I really think part of that reaction has to do with the number an variety of the images you posted together, which may have allowed the “fav’s” or more compelling few to detract from the quieter ones. Well done, all told.

    • Thanks Chris…I’ve had quite a few nice reactions to these images, and many different “favs”. I have given up trying to predict which one people will react to hand how. SO it’s always good to get your honest reaction. I’m having fun with this new approach to photography.

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