Just Another Day’s Hike

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Aside from the beautiful landscapes and seascapes within Sea Ranch, I often forget how much a part of Sea Ranch is its architecture.   Usually when I shoot landscapes I often try to keep the scene “Pure”, that is without any man-made structures.  However, on my bluff walks the local architecture is always at least in the background.

Bluff Trail Heading toward Smuggler's Cove

In the first image, a local home sits nestled along the bluff trail almost projecting its view into Smuggler’s Cove.  It was late in the day and the sun was filling the frame with its warm glow.  Not a bad place to hike.

Sea Ranch Lodge Barn

The second image shows the Sea Ranch Lodge barn against a backdrop of a misty late afternoon along the north coast.  Also, if you look closely you can see people somewhat formally dressed near the barn, no doubt attending a wedding reception there.

The buildings are part of the landscape here, and Sea Ranch design ideal promotes a “Living Lightly on the Land” concept.  In this way, the entire landscape isn’t taken over by buildings, but rather a more appropriate mix of buildings and open space exists here.   About 65% of the land here is considered commons or open space.  Developments of today would hardly ever build out a project with that share of open space.

Equipment: Nikon D810: Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8lens and Nikkor 70-300mm lens; Oben Tripod and Kirk Head

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