The Many Textures of Shell Beach

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Shell Beach Shell Beach at Low Tide Shell Beach Marine Life Shell Beach Lagoon

Shell Beach here on Sea Ranch is an extremely interesting place to visit, especially at low tide.  I shot some images there two days ago in the late afternoon while the tide was out.  The low tide exposes the many tidal invertebrates and algae and in so doing, also exposes the many unique textures of this intertidal lagoon.   I also chose to shoot long (20 -30 seconds) exposures using my 10-stop neutral density filter.  Smoothing out the surf also allows one to focus on the rugged textures of the exposed intertidal areas and the bluff-scape as well.  Using B&W also allows one to bring out the many tonal qualities of such a seascape that are often missed or obscured when presenting in color.   I also think that because so many of us who live here are so used to the colors we see on a daily basis, I think the B&W adds a new perspective to something we see, but often miss, every day.

Equipment: Nikon D810; Nikkor 17-35mm f2.8 lens; B&W 10-stop ND filter: Oben Tripod with Kirk Head.

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