A Walk in the Woods

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Occasionally I like to get out into the oak woodlands east of Sea Ranch.   A few days ago, I drove east on Annapolis Road until I got past the evergreens (Redwoods, mostly) which follow the Wheatfield Fork of the Gualala River.  You have go about 15 –18 miles east to get out of the evergreens and into the pasture land, rolling hills and, my target on this day, the oak woodlands that also run along the river.

Wheatfield Fork of the Gualala River Oak Woodlands East of Sea Ranch Oaks on a sunny afternoon A park-like setting among the oaks east of Sea Ranch

The first image shows a broader view of the river from high atop the steep banks close to the road.   Further east, I found some nice stands of oak on somewhat flat ground, and it was easy to access.  It was a beautiful late afternoon with the sun shining through the trees, filling the forest floor with dappled light.   The sun was low in the sky and made for some nice long shadows and streaks of light.  In some respects, the last three images look more park-like in nature, with very little undergrowth.  It made for an easy hike and some great light.  A twofer for any photographer.

Equipment: Nikon D810; Nikkor 17-35mm f2.8 lens; B&W 6-stop ND filter; Oben tripod with Kirk Ball head.

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