Deer in the Morning Light

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Good Morning!

A little grooming

The Morning Stretch

OK, I couldn’t resist this little guy posing for me.  I went out get the paper and as I was returning to the house I saw this young deer in the side yard.  Usually I don’t photograph deer or seagulls because they just seem to be everywhere.  But my camera was right inside the house with a 70-300mm lens already mounted on it so I took advantage of the moment.  Sometimes it’s a good thing to stop and really “See” something that you look past every day.  His mom was close by but was obscured by some wax myrtles, so I focused on this little one and was not disappointed.  He took off right after I was finished with my impromptu photo shoot.  Too bad he’ll never get to see his image plastered all over the internet.   Such is life for the rather ordinary deer.  I’m glad that I could make him a little less ordinary, at least for a day or two.


Equipment:  Nikon D3s; Nikkor 70-300 mm F 4.5 lens.

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