Big Storm Hits the Sonoma Coast

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Big Waves hit the Sea Ranch Coast  Rock Cove in the thick of it Huge Waves Just Keep Rolling in at Arch Rock Cove

Over the past couple of days one of the strongest winter rain storms to hit the Sonoma Coast in years produced some of the largest waves to land here in decades.  We often hear storm warnings predicting 20-25’ waves for our area, and they rarely ever reach those heights.  The current warnings indicated waves up to 25’ and by all accounts it seems that the predictions were right on target.

So, once the rains let up a bit I took my camera out to Arch Rock Cove off of Galleon’s Point here on Sea Ranch.  I often use the house shown in the first shot to provide a little scale for my images.  I was amazed to see how high these waves were relative to the top of the cliff.  The bluff here is easily 20 – 25 feet off the surface of the ocean.  The next two images show the incredible storm conditions in Arch Rock Cove just north of Galleon’s Point.  The rain came back pretty quickly and soon put an end to my photoshoot.  The sound and the fury of this storm was impressive, and being right there at the water’s edge was a real treat.

Equipment:  Nikon D810; Nikkor 70-300mm f4.5 lens; monopod

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