Exploring Windsor and its Environs

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Foothill Regional Park near Windsor Oaks along the banks at Foothill Regional Park Oak Reflections: Foothill Regional Park Oaks against a grey sky: Foothill Regional Park

Barbara and I were over the hill last week in Windsor for a few days.  Windsor is only a few minutes up Highway 101 from Santa Rosa.  So, I had an afternoon to take my camera out and chose first to visit Foothill Regional Park just northeast of the town of Windsor.  It was an overcast afternoon and the oak trees were deep in their winter sleep.  The small pond and grey sky were great backdrops to the gnarly and twisted branches of these old oaks.  The third image is actually a reflection of an oak tree on the surface of the pond.

Antique Store in Downtown Windsor Old Chevy still useful

The last two images were taken in the downtown area of the Windsor Town Green Development.  The overall development project is a unique mixed use project with commercial stores on the ground floor and living spaces above.  But some of the old remnants of the earlier town are still on the outskirts of the new town.  This old antique store is certainly a holdout from days gone by, but I loved the colors of both the store and its offerings out on the sidewalk.  The last image is an old Chevy truck that stands on the front lawn of a local beer garden.  It was just too interesting a piece of Americana to pass up.

It was a fun afternoon discovering this new place.  You definitely see things differently when you walk around with a camera in your hands.

Equipment:  Nikon D810; Nikkor 24-70 mm f2.8 lens; Monopod

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