Wine Country Barn

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Wine Country Barn

Barbara and I were in Healdsburg last week and, while she shopped for fabric for her next quilting project, I decided to head towards the wine country with my camera.  I drove out north and east on Alexander Valley Road and I came across this neat old barn set amongst the oaks.  The late afternoon light was perfect for dappling the hillside with filtered light and letting the barn’s red color really stand out.  I confessed many times to having a thing for these old barns, and I’d love to get in any that I can.  But I would have to settle for the outside of this barn.  When I got done shooting this scene I figured Barbara had amassed all the fabric she needed so it was back to Healdsburg.  And there she was just coming out of the fabric store ready for her next project.  All in all, a very good afternoon.

Equipment: Nikon D810; Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 lens; Induro monopod

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