Daylight Savings Time can only mean that Spring is on its way

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Sunset at Black Point

Our bluffs here at Sea Ranch are beginning to show their colors, but are not quite in full bloom yet.  Daylight savings time always used to remind me as a kid growing up in Long Island that spring and summer were just around the corner.  So, I thought I’d post an image taken a few years ago from one of my favorite spring spots on the Ranch.  This is Black Point at sunset in May, and the bluff is completely awash in ice plant.  And for you locals, yes, yes, I know it’s an invasive species and not native to this area.  But without it, this image wouldn’t have quite the pop that it has.  You have to take beauty where you find it.

I thought I would share this image especially for my friends and family back on the East Coast who are experiencing a resurgence of winter right now.   Trust me, it will pass and the spring blooms will make winter feel like a distant memory.

Equipment: Nikon D3s; Nikkor 24-70 mm f2.8 lens (shot at 24mm), Oben Tripod

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