Calm after the Storm

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Calm after the storm Sun Peaking through near Stewart's Point

Just when you think winter is behind you, it suddenly lets you know who’s still in charge of the weather calendar.  We had a pretty good storm here over the last couple of days, and yesterday afternoon I decided to head south along the coast to try to capture the remaining storm clouds just as the sun was starting to peak through.   This spot is right along Highway 1 between Stewart’s Point and Salt Point State Park.  The western horizon was still dark and ominous while the sky to the east was beginning to clear.  This made for some nice light conditions.  I was originally going to process these in B&W, but I thought the bright colors of the grasses and carpet of wildflowers against the dark sky was too much to pass up.  Decisions, decisions.

Many places in California are displaying what they call “Super Blooms” of wildflowers; one great gift from years of drought followed by record amounts of rain.  While I wouldn’t exactly call the wildflower display in these images a super bloom, you can see a broad carpet of various colors along these wind-swept bluff tops.  The wind really keeps most plants, including wildflowers, pretty close to the ground along these bluffs.  I though the light really highlighted this mini bloom across the bluff top.  It may not measure up to be a super bloom, but I think it’s pretty super.

Equipment:  Nikon D810: Nikkor 24-70 mm f2.8 lens: Induro Monopod

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2 Responses to Calm after the Storm

  1. Nancy Carroll says:

    Hi Phil! Perfect ‘spring time’ pictures. Our weather is ever changing this time of year but the hope of spring is just around the corner exhibited by the beautiful wild flowers. Great job once again! Hope to see you both soon.

  2. Christopher Wendt says:

    Beautiful shots. I really like #2; the cove and the worn-down outcropping of rocks make the shot for me. I presume #1 has a more northerly-looking POV, and #2 more southerly looking, and I think the contrast is naturally more commanding in #2 as a result.

    We just sent Chris, Jr. and his family back to NY after a nice visit down here. The arrived safely back in Seaford at 2:00 AM after about 18 hours on the road. Sue and I are going to brunch in the Old City this morning, We hope you and Barbara have a very nice Easter!

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