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3 Responses to Contact

  1. Steve Thomas says:

    Hey Phil. I love the sunset/fence/ice plant photo. Stunning composition and lighting. The other photos are great too. I like looking in on your site to see how life after retirement can be. It sounds like you are at peace out there. But I didn’t see anything new in the woodworking department.


  2. Loved the Raven/Vulture exchange you captured! I always get a kick out of “the size issue,” cause when it comes to an established adult raven couple in their own territory, they will take on anything including wolves, condors, eagles, bobcats, even bears.
    Thanks for sharing, Rick.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback, Rick. Last year I captured a pair of Bald Eagles in the Gualala River estuary. They were looking to possibly build a nest but I saw some ravens on more than one occasion drive them out of their roost in the trees and off the river while attempting to feed. These ravens just seem to take joy in it…God knows they have plenty to eat here.

      Thanks again,