_D348769shrp800I live at what seems like the edge of the world, where California’s rugged Sonoma coast and its seaside meadows meet the Pacific.  In April 2004 my wife Barbara and I retired from our work lives in Sacramento and moved to this little slice of paradise on the north coast called The Sea Ranch.  I worked both in industry (Texas Instruments and Lockheed) and government, retiring from the California Department of Water Resources as their Water Quality Chief in 2004.

My career as an environmental scientist (Marine Biology and Aquatic Ecology) reflected my passion for our environment and trying to understand the natural world around me.  While that passion will persist forever, I now have time to pursue my other passions: woodworking and  photography.

I design and build fine furniture on commission and for sale through galleries, so I wanted a place on the Web to show my work to potential clients.   As long as I was going to have a presence here I thought I might also share my photos as well, and in so doing draw attention to the natural world  At the Beachthat has inspired me all these years.  From time to time I will also be posting essays on social and environmental issues that will hopefully inspire folks to think a little differently about the world we  share together.

I hope you enjoy my ‘place’ here.  Please feel free to visit often as content will change, and any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Welcome to my “Views from the Edge”

Phil Wendt

June 25, 2011


Member Gualala Arts

You may also see my furniture at Spindrift Gallery in Gualala, CA







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