Social Commentary

PWMG_4365-shrp1000Well my little cyber sandbox has been online now since June 2011.  I’ve managed to steer clear of any serious “Issues” in that time.  I have been really trying to hone in on what I want my presence here on the web to be.  I’m not interested in using this space to engage in political diatribes or rants, but I believe that there is value in discussing important issues that may allow others to gain a different perspective about current events.  I don’t have any illusions here about how difficult it is to actually change someone’s mind, but I will attempt nevertheless to provide hopefully unbiased information on issues affecting all of us.  Naturally, some of my own biases will naturally creep into what I write here, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.  Ultimately, my intention here is to inform rather than incite.  Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed. 

I also chose to place these discussions on the basic pages of the website rather than the blog as I wanted to keep the blog features shorter and more informal.    I consider ‘Environmental’ issues to be part of a broader social context, especially considering how inseparable we are from the world around us.


  1. Income Disparity By the Numbers – December 2011
  2. Income Disparity By the Numbers: Volume II – The One Percent – January 2012
  3. Income Disparity By the Numbers: Volume III – How We Got Here – March 2012
  4. Income Disparity by the Numbers: Volume IV – The 2012 Election – Wealth vs. Jobs – April 2012


  1. Polar Bears: Why Save Them? – July 2011
  2. The Oil Paradox: U. S. Exports vs. Persian Gulf Imports – August 2014
  3. Missing a Chance for Energy Independence – Op-Ed in The Press Democrat, February 27, 2016